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Suzi Prichard-Jones has spent her life immersed in the Thoroughbred industry owning, training, riding and breeding horses. She has ridden for trainers such as Michael Dickinson, Carl Nafzger and D. Wayne Lukas. Born and brought up in Ireland, she has experienced racing on five continents while living in Europe, American, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Today, she spends her time between her homes in Florida, USA and Co. Kildare, Ireland.


“In over 1,000 pedigrees analysed, all have provided representation of the bloodlines of the three foundation sires within their first six generations – with the exception of eight pedigrees that demonstrated representation of only two bloodlines (those of the Byerley Turk and the Darley Arabian).

On the basis of this research, I am willing to offer a free breeding season to either of the Herod line stallions, Pearl Secret or Indian Haven, to the first person who can provide evidence of a racehorse fit for purpose tracing exclusively to the Darley Arabian within its first six generations.”

Suzi Prichard-Jones